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Dick O’Clock

So here's some news – barely a week into blogging and Right Up Your Alley is already getting some internet buzz. I've always been a fan of Queer Two Cents – sassitude and queer content masterminded by a fellow Canuck. Sound too good to be true? My friends, it's realler than Jennifer Lopez circa 2001. Here's an excerpt from one of QTC's recent posts. I have a massive heart on for Margaret Cho. She knows her gay…and gays know dick o'clock.

Queer Two Cents posts:

Margaret Cho: the phenomenon of dick o'clock

Margaret Cho writes:
… Most fag hags agree that the best times they’ve ever had were at gay bars, sharing precious moments with their fags, drinking lovely pink cocktails and dancing and laughing the night away. Until it becomes “dick o’clock.” You know what time that is, don’t you? It is when all the gay men in the club simultaneously start looking for dick. It happens all at once, usually around midnight or 1 a.m., generally earlier on the West Coast. I am not sure how it starts… READ MORE