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Did gays win the Grey Cup?

Local sports groups hope CFL player comments trickle down

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Although the Toronto Argonauts took home Canada’s Grey Cup, gays and lesbians also had a win — gaining ground after two Argos players and Calgary Stampeder Jon Cornish came out against homophobia in sport. 

Local sports groups hope those gains will filter down to local playing fields and locker rooms. 

“I think it sets an example,” says James Scott, a gay football player in Toronto. “I think a lot of people avoid sports because they perceive it as homophobic.”

Toronto’s gay football league was one of several invited to play on turf set up outside Toronto City Hall in advance of the Grey Cup. 

While such opportunities signal advances for gays, homophobia in sport persists, especially homophobic slurs like “fag” and “homo,” Scott says.

“Those words, they’ve got to stop,” he says. 

Below is an interview with some Toronto players and footage of their scrum.