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Didgeridoos, word choice and a premature celebration

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Indonesian men publicly caned for being gay

Two Indonesian men have been caned 83 times in front of a crowd of thousands after they were filmed having sex by vigilantes who broke into their house. While gay sex is not illegal nationally in Indonesia, the men were charged in conservative Islamic Aceh Province.

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What’s the difference between “gay” and “homosexual”?

When it comes to how we talk about gay people, words matter. A researcher at the University of Minnesota writes that people who hear the word “gay” instead of “homosexual” are more likely to accept gay rights, especially if they are conservative or have authoritarian tendencies.

French TV host mocks gay men on air

French TV host Cyril Hanouna is facing formal complaints and accusations of homophobia after making fun of gay men on air. The host posted a fake profile to a gay hookup app, and then chatted with respondents on live television in front of a studio audience.

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A premature celebration

Britain is celebrating 50 years since its 1967 decriminalization of homosexuality, but that date has been overblown, says UK activist Peter Tatchell. Celebrating the anniversary, he argues, ignores the decades of gay persecution that followed so-called decriminalization.

Didgeridoo porn

A gay porn site is under fire for posting a new video in which two white American men use a didgeridoo as a sex toy, in what some say is offensive cultural appropriation.