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Digital locks still intact

For those of you keeping score, the
copyright bill is headed back to the Commons after being amended in committee,
but it took amendments only from Conservatives, not from the opposition. And
that means that digital locks provisions remain in the bill. So if you break a
digital lock to make a backup copy for your own personal use on something you’ve
paid for? You’re breaking the law. But we’ll be on the forefront of
intellectual property law!

Today’s Robocon news is that Michael Sona
is not being investigated by Elections Canada, and the details are shaking out
that it’s unlikely that a single young staffer could have done everything necessary
to pull it off. And so the investigation continues. Meanwhile, here’s a piece
that should have you reconsidering the calls for a Royal Commission of inquiry.

Here’s more about those voting irregularities (and the suspected ballot-stuffing) in Scarborough-Rouge River.

The man behind VikiLeaks will not be
testifying before the ethics committee for health reasons, but in the meantime,
his lawyer has sent a strongly worded letter to the committee about their
behaviour and the fact that the study is outside of their mandate, so they
couldn’t compel him to testify anyway.

The Liberals seem to be looking to
start pushing back on the increasing secrecy of committee business and have
vowed to start scrumming after meetings go in
to lift the veil on the proceedings.

Here’s a great story about PTSD in the
and how the Force is planning on cutting a peer-support program that
has proven beneficial.

Martin Singh is officially endorsing Thomas
Mulcair as his second choice candidate, which further drives the “attack dog”

Yesterday was Nycole Turmel’s last caucus
 as interim leader.

In a speech at Osgoode Hall, Michael
Ignatieff spoke openly about his mistakes during the election and the state of
political discourse in the country.

And here are the “beefcake pictures” for
Justin Trudeau’s upcoming charity boxing match with Senator Patrick Brazeau.
Govern yourselves accordingly.

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