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Disclosure: VHS portraits

Local artist Steven Audia has created a series of VHS portraits to be featured at his art show, Disclosure, Dec 14. The series is made up of candid interviews with his subjects about “partying, drugs, sexuality, relationships, internet culture, personal image, and independence.” The result is funny, moving and insightful.

About the project, he says:

When I did the first of these videos I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with it conceptually. However, after the third video of Sydney sobbing I realized there was the potential to create something much more than just a pretty sequence of images. When I was editing the footage I started to notice peoples eye movements, and little nervous ticks, like hair twirling, pulling on ears, or rubbing hands together. Some people liked to look right at the camera, others seemed intimidated by it and constantly looked away.  What interests me the most is capturing moments, statements, and feelings that are especially relatable to the people in my generation. Topics like partying, drugs, sexuality, relationships, internet culture, personal image, money, and independence. These are all things I have been trying to capture in my photographs since I began taking pictures. What makes theses videos so unique are the people’s voices, opinions, and movements; things that can never be conveyed through a still photographic portrait. That’s why using video technology to create these living portraits has become more appealing for me as the artist.  


Marcus from Steven Audia on Vimeo.

Matisse from Steven Audia on Vimeo.

For more VHS portraits, check out Steven’s website, Substance Devotion, and his show at RGB Gallery, 2026 Wall St, on Friday, Dec 14 from 7-11pm.