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Franz Ferdinand. The eponymous debut album achieves critical acclaim in 2004 and takes the world by storm. Essential downloads: “Take Me Out,” “Tell Her Tonight” and the queer-flavoured “Michael.” Franz hits its stride as Daft Punk releases a remix of “Take Me Out” which shoots up the dance charts.

You Could Have It So Much Better. Franz Ferdinand decides not to mess with a good thing and releases more of the same in 2005. It should be said, however, that the world was hungry for it. Essential downloads: “Do You Want To,” “I’m Your Villain” and “The Fallen.” At this point it’s clear the four boys are more than their haircuts.

Tonight. The band decides to mess with a good thing with spectacular results that pushes its sound in an exciting new direction. Early copies feature Blood, a companion disc of dub versions. Brave. Essential tracks: “Ulysses,” “Bite Hard” and “Lucid Dreams.”