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Disney outs one of its princesses as bisexual

While Disney has had no problem creating characters that are coded gay, or even ones that are based on drag queens, The Happiest Place on Earth* has never really had any openly gay denizens.

Thankfully, that’s about to change . . . mostly. ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which pulls most of its characters from Disney’s stable of fairy-tale creations, recently outed warrior princess Mulan as bisexual, which, if canonical, would make her the first queer Disney princess.

As a character, Mulan is probably one of the most well-rounded of the Disney princesses, and she has no problem playing around with sex and gender (she did spend most of her movie in drag), so it’s pretty cool that the Disney people made one of their best characters openly bisexual. Now if they actually make this canonical for the kids? That would be fucking genius.

*Note: “The Happiest Place on Earth” is a registered trademark of Disney. Please send $1.29 to Walt Disney’s frozen head for using his intellectual property. YES REALLY.