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Disney’s Frozen accused of promoting ‘gay agenda’

Since it came out in November of 2013, Frozen has made close to a billion dollars worldwide, scored two Oscar nominations, and released the internet hit “Let It Go.” Or, as I like to call it, “Defying Gravity: The Sequel.” Seriously, listen to “Let It Go” and “Defying Gravity” side-by-side. The resemblance is uncanny.

So of course, now it’s time for some random extremist person to shit all over something that made people happy by claiming it’s a sinful promotion of the gay agenda. Oh, buzzkill, you always know when to ruin the party.

According to Pink News, Mormon blogger Kathryn Skaggs saw Frozen, realized that it was promoting self-empowerment and sisterly love and figured that it must be promoting the gay agenda. You know, because only gay people believe in that crap.

As Skaggs argued, “I feel strongly that we must become more aware of how liberal media advocate these messages. It is often accomplished through infiltrating mainstream channels with the specific attitudes and ideologies necessary to advance these practices, as progressive, within mainstream society.”

So . . . did Skaggs just say that telling kids to love one another and accept people who are different goes against her religion? Because I’m pretty sure if that’s the case, she may have missed the main message of her belief system.

The whole point of Disney movies is to encourage the simplest level of morality for kids. To side with the villain is to side with someone so cartoonishly evil that they couldn’t exist in the real world. And yet she’s totally on board with them! That’s like empathizing with Snidely Whiplash! That’s . . . That’s not a good think, Skaggs.