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Divas over easy

Toronto's new drag brunch premieres Sun, Dec 1 at Ganzi

Scarlett Bobo hosts the first ever Diva Brunch at Osteria dei Ganzi on Sun, Dec 1 Credit: David Hawe

Drag darling Scarlett Bobo wants to be clear: “This is a no-judging brunch. Check your attitude at the door, girl. You can be dressed in casual Sunday morning joggers or you could look straight out of Vogue.”  

Bobo will preside over the inaugural Diva Brunch at Osteria dei Ganzi on Sunday, Dec 1.

“Brunch starts at 11, and that’s exactly when the all-diva mix starts pumping from DJ Phil V,” says Bobo, aka Matty Cameron. “I’m going to be your host, making sure everything is fierce and fabulous, along with a spotlight show to shake things up a little. We continue the beats, great food and cheap drinks until 3pm,” she says, before adding, as if there were any doubt of the fabulosity of the party, “Oh! And did I mention it’s my birthday?” Hoo boy. Hide the Jäger.

The event is served up by Proud FM in partnership with PFLAG. When the organizers approached Bobo to host, she jumped at the opportunity; well, it was more of a hop — she was in heels.

Aside from the obvious philanthropic opportunities, Bobo promises a great meal, designed by the team at Ganzi, as well as $5 caesars and mimosas.  

“This is just the first of many brunches to come. There’s only one type of one-night stand I enjoy, if you get my drift,” Bobo says. “Every month, on the first Sunday, it will be the babely DJ Phil V and myself, with an additional queen being added to the roster every month. One year from now we will have the biggest [drag brunch] in the city, with 12 sickening queens running wild.”

Sounds like a late-breakfast glitter-ball. But seriously, what does one wear to a drag brunch?

“Wear your birthday suit. That’s what I’ll be wearing.”