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Divergence Movie Night returns

A new format and a new location

Divergence Movie Night will relaunch on Sept 24 with a screening and a hot dance party at one of its new venues, Raw Sugar Café. It is an opportunity for movie-night lovers to vote on future films while chilling out in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Caitlyn Pascal, who started Divergence Movie Night four years ago, wanted to revamp the format and move to an area with more of a community feel. The event will be hosted monthly but will now alternate between Raw Sugar Café and Shanghai Restaurant, both of which are popular queer venues.

“I am feeling fabulous about the new format, it has so much more of a community feel,” says Pascal. “It has a little cozier neighbourhood feel, and I think that people are going to appreciate the location.”

The loose format of the evening gives Pascal a chance to show shorts before the dance party starts – a nod to the origins of the Divergence night.

“Before it was a movie night, it was just called Divergence. It was a series of dance parties that we would throw as fundraisers,” says Pascal. “We are getting back to our roots in a way, throwing dance parties as part of community activism – fusing both the films and the dance parties of the divergence brand.”

Pascal hopes that community input at the relaunch party will dictate the next eight months of movies. After that people will be encouraged to go to the website to select future movies.

“We have been showing movies for four years, so most people have not seen all of them. So we are going to let the community have a say,” says Pascal.

There are currently 72 films in Pascal’s library, an amount that gives people a wide range to choose from. All people have to do is get into the community spirit, come to the reopening of the Divergence Movie Night and cast their votes.

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