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The video appearing further below reminded me of dance version of Cheaper by the Dozen (2003 film).

You rememeber Cheaper by the Dozen don't you? If you don't, I remember why I didn't go see it. It's that crappy movie I boycotted because its suck factor exceeded human comprehension of the word suck or any of suck's sucktacular derivatives.

Not ringing a bell?

One look at its promo poster should make you feel sorry that Steve Martin had reached an
all-time low in his career and had to resort to whoring himself out to
Fox so he could pay his bills.

I remember the ads for this movie like I remember my one and only near-death experience: at first there is blackness and then there is Hilary Duff's toothy maw (aka Hell) opening up to swallow me alive.

In the case of UK dance group Diversity, Steve Martin is a 6'5" hot guy and Hilary Duff is a midget with an afro. Enjoy!