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DJ Ivan Gomez Q&A

DJ Ivan Gomez is coming to Vancouver for the first time to spin at Big Roger Events’ all nighter United: Pride Closing Party. I did a Q&A with the maestro about how he plans to bring Van Pride 2013 to a close:

You’re performing during Vancouver Pride, what does Pride mean to you?

Pride means a big celebration, for many people, as well as for me. But at the same time, it also means that we all have the opportunity, once a year, to show everyone, that Gays, Lesbians, Transexuals do exist and are in this world. In many cities around the world you can organize a Gay Pride Celebration event. But in several places in the world, sadly there are many people who do not accept the fact that there are people that have a different sexual orientation than them. And that’s just sad. Further more, in countries where the LGBT community has no problems with anyone, there are always these anti-gay demonstrations, anti same sex marriage billboards and attacks towards the LGBT community. I’ve seen this with my very own eyes, and all I can do is laugh at them. Imagine living in a different kind of world, where the LGBT community will prohibit and condemn Heterosexual Marriage? For them it will be ridiculous, and at the same time appalling not being able to have the same rights as these homosexuals couples. But that’s not reality. In my opinion, I don’t think anyone has the right to prohibit on who you should love or marry. And everyone should have the rights. And since I have the opportunity to express this, I’d like to tell all these anti-gay rights people, that want to prohibit, hide our existance and have so much hate towards the LGBT community: fuck you! Of course – with a big smile in front of it, that way it hurts them even more! 

What is your craziest Pride/party memory?

This past weekend, in Shanghai. I think it’s been the craziest party I have ever spun at till date. China knows how to throw down a great party! Also, one pride that comes to mind, is definitely last year in Germany during Cologne Pride. The weather was amazing, I was playing in the afternoon at open air, stage in the center of the city. And then at night, people didn’t wanna go home.

What makes a night DJing enjoyable for you?

Good sound, good lights, good venue, good promotion. More important, the way you’re treated by the promoter who hires you. Plenty of times you go to a city with all the best vibes, great attitude, and excited to play there – but once you arrive, no one s there to pick you up, no one checks up o you, and honestly that brings you down completely. However, once I’m on that DJ booth I give everything I have to the crowd that came and I do it for them not the promoter. In situations like this, when you arrive to a city that you have never been at, and the promoter that brings you pretty much doesn’t care for you, well, that person doesn’t deserve any kind of respect whatsoever. 

Also, it’s very important that they have the equipment that you ask for, that the sound is great, and that the light jockey knows how to do his/her work). One can give the best DJ set of their lives, but if the lights or the sound are bad, it won’t be as appreciated as much.

And finally, the most important thing is the attending crowd. They are the ones that make the party. Without a crowd, there won’t be a party. This upcoming Big Roger’s UNITED party will be a big one. It’s my understanding it’s already sold out, and that there are lots of people who know me and are fans. I didn’t know that! So I’ll make sure you have an unforgettable night!

Do you have any rituals or routines you go through before hitting the DJ decks?

Basically, first do a soundcheck at the venue, to get to know the club sounds. Then a long nap, prepare the music, eat something light, and of course arrive one or two hours before to the venue to check on the music from the previous DJ, to not repeat the same tracks and get a vibe of the crowd.

What can we expect from your Big Rogers set?  

A high energy set, with lots of tribal grooves,vocals,progressive melodies,some oldies & classics,all together with lot of my private mashups and some of my new official remixes I did this year for big artists, like Pet Shop Boys, for example.