1 min

DJ Lytes’ fave house tracks

1. “One In A Million” house remix by Aaliyah

2. “Fly Life” by Basement Jaxx

3. “See Through You,” by Augusta, featuring Sacha

4. “Play” Gene Lefosse remix by Jennifer Lopez

5. “Fade II Black” Keep It Real dub by Kings Of Tomorrow

6. “Deep Inside (Maurice’s Vibe)” by Hardrive

7. “Block Party” by Africanism

8. “Happy” by Sylk 130, featuring Alma Horton

9. “I Like The Sounds” by Studio 45

10. “Inspiration” by Kerri Chandler featuring Arnold Jarvis



Favourite munchies: Smartfood

Favourite thing: New socks

Past time: PlayStation Gran Turismo two and three

Hobbies: Building model cars, preferably GT

If I wasn’t a DJ or sound engineer I’d probably be a… “Veterinarian”

Obsessions: “I have way too many jackets and I literally stop in my tracks anytime I see puppies”

Favourite sport: Soccer, tennis and PlayStation

Morning or night person? Morning

Most annoying thing: “Getting carded because I look like I’m 16”

Favourite car: BMW 318 ti

Wouldn’t be caught dead in… “An American car or leg warmers”

Most likely to be seen wearing… “A baseball hat”

Nickname: Tangee, Tangeet, “hey, nerd,” “Go away,” red gal

Favourite cartoon: Battle Of Planets (G-Force), X-Men or Tiny Toons

Sign: Cancer