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Do gay guys still cruise for public sex?

Six guys stood along the path hugging the park’s hillside, waiting

(After a weekend of pushing his limits and releasing his inner exhibitionist, Kevin Moroso was ready to cruise for park sex./Shimon Karmel/Daily Xtra)

An orgy-fuelled trip was coming to an end. This was my first trip to San Francisco in 16 years and I was now both old enough and uninhibited enough to fully enjoy it.

I’d gone down with a couple of guys for Dore Alley, aka mini-Folsom Street Fair, and I was determined to make the most of our six days. I spent the weekend engaging in much debauchery and, thanks to some magical cocktail of pills my friend gave me on Sunday night before I passed out drunk, I was feeling just fine Monday morning. Since my weekend was filled with parties and sex, I decided I’d use my last full day in San Francisco to see some of the sites. As I wandered the city, I naturally opened my dating apps.

“Woof,” went my phone. I opened the guy’s profile and he looked pretty darn cute and he was looking for some fun now. We shared albums and he was such a cutie — mid-20s, boyish good looks, kinky photos in jocks and leather. My kind of guy.

He gave me his address, I mapped it out and took a nice stroll for 20 minutes to his place. Let’s call him Mark.

Mark was as cute as his photos. We talked for a bit, made out, got naked and then I proceeded to fuck him. Afterwards, we lay cuddling and chatting. He asked if I had plans today and I said I was going to grab a bite to eat and then head to Golden Gate Park. He kindly asked if I wanted to join him for lunch at a nearby BBQ joint and then he’d drive me and drop me off at the park.

This was my favourite kind of date: we’d already gotten the sex out of the way, shared bodily fluids, and worked up an appetite. After lunch and dropping me off at the park, we parted ways. I didn’t expect to see him again.

But I guess Mark hadn’t had enough of me and I certainly hadn’t had enough of him. He messaged me a bit later to see if I had any plans that night and I replied that my night was open. He then made a suggestion: how would I feel if we went to a park to cruise together?

I had tried public cruising a few times in my life but I was rather restrained with my sexuality back then — I’d never gone full out. But after a weekend of pushing my limits, releasing the exhibitionist inside of me at bars and clubs, I wanted to take it to the next level.

We arranged to meet back at his place and then we’d head together to a park he’d heard was cruisey, though he wasn’t sure if people still went there.

Was public cruising dead even in a place like San Francisco?

We drove to the park and started our little escapade. There was very little lighting. We first walked to an area with a tennis court and looked around for any action going on. It was nearly a full moon so despite the lack of lighting, we could see things quite clearly. We saw a man walking towards us along the path and got excited until we realized it was a homeless man pushing his belongings in a shopping cart. It was totally dead otherwise.

We started walking around a bit and went into the tennis court. Not long after, two figures appeared, just outside the court, next to the fence. Two guys, probably in their 50s and 60s in full leather — boots, pants, jackets and caps — making out while they fondled their exposed cocks. Yes! Public cruising was going on in the park, but they weren’t quite our type. We left the tennis court and stood along the path.

Looks like we’d have to get this party started ourselves.

After a couple of minutes, a guy, a little stocky, olive skin, probably about 40 years old, walked up and watched us play. Would he take the bait? I swivelled Mark around so that his butt was towards the voyeur and hoped for the best. It worked. The guy moved in for Mark’s butt and started fucking him.  Mission accomplished! After a few minutes, the guy shot his load and left.

Mark and I decided to check for action elsewhere in the park, so we took a path up a hill. We didn’t see anything going on, though it was much darker up there as the trees blocked out the moon. We switched to another path that hugged the hillside. Bingo! We could see six guys standing along the path.

We walked by them, then Mark and I made out with each other. The other guys suddenly coalesced around us. Some just watched, others jerked off and a couple started playing with us. Mark’s jeans dropped down to his ankles and I gestured at a cute guy towards Mark’s butt. But he didn’t seem interested.

I did what I could to instigate, but again, nothing. After a couple of minutes, Mark and I whispered to each other that it was time to leave. These guys were far too boring for us — just into jerking off and voyeurism, apparently.

We hopped into Mark’s car, headed to the Castro, grabbed a bite to eat, then hit up a bar. A fitting end to a week of increasing debauchery.

It’s good to know public cruising is still alive and well in San Francisco. But is it still alive at home in Vancouver?

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Kevin Moroso writes a monthly column for Daily Xtra on the last Friday of the month.