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Do I have a sexy Monday surprise for you…

Newsflash. Porn star David Taylor put on a live show here in Vancouver last Thursday.

Don't say that I don't love you, Vancouver, because I do love you and
want to make amends for some so-so blogging over the past few weeks.
I'm back bitches! And now I'm on Twiiter so go ahead and follow me already:

Now. If you've been followingthis blog for some time, you'll remember the Jarics fiasco from Pride 2008.
Horrifying at the time, it was even more horrifying to relive it a
second time. It turns out that even the best porn stars fall prey to
"performance malfunctions". Oh, David Taylor. Why? WHY?

modesty panels…how do I love thee. You'll notice that my eyes are
red…it was the first signs of the temporary blindness and lack of
common sense that I was afflicted with for the remainder of the night.

Next time there is an X-Rated night in town, you better buy a ticket and come.

a happier note, here's a video from a recent Girls On Top performace at
the Hero awards. Happy Monday to you all. I'm happy to have a camera
that works again (and have a lot of work to do on my videography…ugh)