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Do what you do best

Now normally, it's all about the boys here on the Roundup but there was just something about Bettie Page. Man or woman, straight or gay, you couldn't help but be charmed by her strange 1950s combo of sly perversity and cheerful sense of play:

RIP, Bettie — you made a world a sexier, more interesting place!

Before and after she came out, comedian Wanda Sykes has been slicing through homophobic bullshit but she was adorable on Leno:

It's bizarre to see Rufus Wainwright on Martha Stewart's show but I love how he upholds the stereotype of the gay opera queen while demolishing the stereotype that we're all good in the kitchen:

The Prop 8 protests are getting more creative all the time — Margaret Cho and Jane Lynch pop up in this short film that's completely obvious yet still kind of charming:

It seems like there's a mandatory rule now that the guys in teen sex comedies have to be humiliated through public nudity and homoeroticism. I'm not complaining:

And, in a bit of a cheat, the ridiculously titled but brilliantly written 'Battlestar Galactica' reveals that two of its male characters are a couple, but you won't see it on TV. The show returns today with a series of online episodes leading up to next month's season premiere. Check out episode one and we'll see you on Monday!