Toronto Diary
1 min

Do you know your hanky code?

As my mother used to say, those who fail to learn from history are destined to run for mayor of the meth capital of Alaska. While I’m sure the same doesn’t really apply to leather and kink, it’s probably in your best interest to brush up on your kinky history, especially since you’re on only the second day of Toronto Leather Pride.

Today’s lesson: the hanky code. It’s a way of letting people know your sexual preferences by putting a coloured handkerchief in either your left (for tops) or right (for bottoms) back pocket. Each hanky colour or pattern represents a different kink. I’m way too lazy to post the whole list (and believe me, it’s a LONG list, including houndstooth, for Christ’s sake), but if Schoolhouse Rock taught me anything, it’s that you can boil down complex lessons to catchy songs, so here’s Peaches to sing you through the hanky code!

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