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Do you take it in the ass?

I saw the dirty duo (and real-life husband and wife) The Wet Spots perform at Libido Liberation at the Museum of Vancouver the other night and had to post the video for one of their songs, the ridiculously catchy “Do You Take It?"

Some lyrics to live by:

"Cuz you’re beautiful and curvy, but unless you’re kinda pervy, there’s no way you and me are gonna last/When it comes to brains you’ve got ‘em, but unless you play the bottom, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take a pass/You’re adorable, reliable, but is your anus pliable? That’s the information I need/You’d do it if you loved me, if you’re nervous squat above me, you’ll be able to control the depth and speed . . ."

For my review of Libido Liberation, check out Blitz & Shitz in the next issue of Xtra, out June 5.