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Doctor Who, clerical errors and Marlowe’s murder

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Census switch-around

The US Census Bureau appeared to almost decide to count LGBT people in the 2020 census. Then it changed its mind. Was it just a clerical error, or a politically motivated decision to erase LGBT statistics?

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Mariela Castro hints at Cuba LGBT reforms

The daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro has hinted that LGBT rights reforms may be in store for the country in 2018. Official state media have not yet mentioned the proposed reforms.

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Marlow murder mystery

A document from a 16th-century police informant, soon to go on display from the British Library, suggests that legendary playwright Christopher Marlowe may have been murdered for calling Jesus gay.

Doctor Who gets gay companion

The next season of British sci-fi show Doctor Who will feature a gay woman as companion to its titular character, the BBC has announced. Rumours also suggest the main character may soon be replaced by a woman for the first time in the show’s history.

Austrian LGBT groups oppose marriage equality

Some LGBT activists in Austria are counterintuitively opposing the country’s proposed marriage equality law. They argue that the current civil partnership law is far more modern and well-written than the law on marriage, and that they don’t want marriage until the laws are updated.

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