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Does penis size matter?

Get the hard facts about penis size in this video by AsapScience. In just over two minutes the video offers a history lesson, scientific explanation and whiteboard drawings all to help answer the age-old question: does size matter? 

Three things you’ll learn: 

1. Women and gay men disagree on the answer . . .

2. Flacid cock size might be more important than hard cock size.

3. Longer cocks are “more efficient” at removing the sperm of other males during intercourse. The better depth of thrust, the better semen placement, the more likely your genes will be passed on. Of course, this is only pertinent if your future baby mama pulls the train.

Once you’ve been educated on size, continue the dick craze by watching AsapScience’s other video for “The 6 Craziest Genitals in Nature”: