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Dolly Parton chats about her gay fans & boobs

Gays "accepted me before other people did," she says

Self-described backwoods Barbie, Dolly Parton, recently chatted with fab magazine about boobs, Broadway and battling hate.

“When we play cities like San Francisco there are definitely more Dollys out there than there are on stage,” says Parton of the many drag doppelgangers she sees when she plays. “I’m very tiny and little so it’s always funny for me to see these six-foot-tall guys dressed up like me all big and decked out. I get a kick out of watching them interpret how I look. The gaudier you are the more you look like me. The cheaper and the more outrageous the better.”

In her chat with Matt Thomas, one of fab’s associate editors, Parton explains her long connection to the gay community.

“People thought I looked too outrageous, too whorey, too this, too that. I wore too much makeup, my hair was too big, my tits were too big, and I had to work, work, work to prove myself,” explains Parton. “The gay community accepted me before other people did. I always wanted to be understood and I always wanted to be accepted for being me, so I completely understand when gay people talk about just wanting to be accepted for who they are without having someone assign a description to them that doesn’t really fit.”