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Don Julio at Goldfish: Tequilatastic!

So guess who was rolling with the boys on Monday night? Yeah. That's right. A little cross blogination. You heard it hear first: the Ryans know their shit including food and even–gasp!–drinking tastings.

I'm sure what I don't know about Tequila could be forgotten faster than it takes me to swallow a shot of Don Julio (nice product placement, eh?), but that's what wikipedia's tequila page is for. Seriously though, what I can tell you is that what we drank at Goldfish was closer to scotch than Jose Cuervo. And yes, I liked it more than Petron.

Does hand-roasted oven-picked agave sound good to you? Sure it does! Way better than hand-picked oven-roasted ones, no?

This guy:

is master mixologist Brian Van Flandern. While we were in secretish backroom, he busted out the 1942 reserva especial (or at least that's what I'm calling it). He also made some crazy/sexy claims, primarily that "Don Julio cleans their empty tequila bottles with tequila." That's the best idea I've ever heard and is evidence of some sort of Mexican largesse that I want…nay must!…be part of in my near future.

I don't really remember too much after that, but I'd like to tell you that I've fallen in love with Goldfish for a second time. It's just so…well lit! You know?  

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