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Donald Trump vs Gloria Allred

Donald Trump has spoken about the Jenna Talackova Miss Universe Canada ordeal, telling Good Morning America, “I did not know that she [Jenna] had a lawyer, and especially Gloria Allred. In fact, had I known it was Gloria Allred, I probably would not have reversed my decision because, you know, Gloria is easy to beat."

Oh, please. Were you living under a rock when your organization was sued by a competitor and one of the most high-profile attorneys in the United States? Sounds like someone’s playing stupid to save face. What’s the matter, Donald? Upset you were beat by two girls?

He went on to say, “The fact is, we went by the laws of the country, and the laws are very clear, and, based on that, about two days ago, we decided to let her compete. [Jenna] should focus on running up in Canada and seeing how she does in Canada. And then, if she does well, she has a chance to become what many, many young women all over the world want to be, and that’s Miss Universe that should be her focus."

Gloria Allred was quick to release a statement reminding us that Donald Trump is no hero, because in other countries where it is legal to demand that a contestant be born “naturally female,” the Miss Universe Competition still upholds this rule. She sent RadarOnline an email stating:

“Trump has conceded that he cannot keep Jenna out of the competition because it would violate both US and Canadian laws. Trump’s rule of requiring that a contestant be a ‘naturally’ born female appears to still be in effect in other countries around the world. We want Mr Trump to eliminate this rule for the entire Miss Universe organization everywhere in the world, but he has not yet agreed to do so. His latest statement is that the rule is being ‘evaluated’ by his organization. There is no need to further ‘evaluate’.  The rule is blatantly discriminatory, and it is time for Mr Trump to say that he will get rid of the rule.”

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