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Don’t be a h8er

Veteran gay journalist Rex Wockner says the weeklong protests following the vote to gay-marriage ban in California is "probably the most interesting thing I've seen on my beat as a gay-movement reporter since ACT UP." He wonders aloud if the massive protests planned this Saturday could become "Stonewall 2.0."

Why not? Gay Americans were second-class citizens in 1969 but now it's been written into state constitutions.  Act up?  It's time.  Here's the warm-up act from New York last night: 

The Mormon church is upset at being "targeted" for protest (consider it a 'gift-with-purchase' after the $22 million you spent!) but it's working — many disgusted Mormons are now leaving their church over its bigotry:

Meanwhile, however, there's joy in Connecticut and it's great to see how the California decision has everyone speaking up, like actor George Clooney, sex advice columnist Dan Savage and 'Planet Unicorn' (heyyyyy!) creator Mike Rose — or should I say, Krayon Brooks:

My hero.  Kind of like Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, who's producing a TV series for Showtime (home of 'Dexter' and 'The L Word') based on Perry Moore's novel "Hero," about a gay teenager with super powers. Ignore the cheerleader, save the world!

Such a series would be a nice antidote to all this ugly politicking and, ewww, the return of Mark Foley and the discovery of yet another foot in BC (SevenSeriously?), an antidote like this sappy-but-welcome video for "Better," the new single from the Irish group Boyzone. For the first time ever, gay member Stephen Gately gets a male love interest alongside the boys and their ladies. It's a controversial choice: will including a gay couple destroy the sanctity of boyband videos?