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Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Pepsi & Sarah Michelle Gellar have a misunderstanding

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I was chatting with the girls and boys at the Bad Boy Club Montreal the other day.

Not being able to hold back the mountain of excitement and secrets they had bottled up for the 10th anniversary of Black & Blue, they let the plans slip and gave me some juicy details about the annual October event (held Oct 4 to 10). The main show is going to be a James Bond-inspired To Live Or Let Die. It’s going to be a fabulous action adventure show with glamorous girls and seductive spies.

Needing more information, I phoned the director of the BBCM’s shows, Jean-Pierre Pérusse, on his birthday no less. He says that “the show is going to be bi-frontal. It has never been done on a large scale like this…. Which means that a lot more people are going to be able to see the show up close, but are going to have a different version and perspective of it.”

Some of you may have had the pleasure of attending the BBCM’s round of Pride parties during the August long weekend. One of the main parties featured one of the dance music scene’s biggest names in remixing and producing, Hex Hector.

I had the pleasure of getting to chat with him in his hometown, New York City, a couple of weeks ago.

I asked how he was feeling about playing BBCM’s Gay Pride Party (the Aug 6 weekend), as I was pretty sure this was his first Pride party and the man is straight. He told me, “It always thrills me to play in places and or events that I’ve never played at before. So to say the least I’m terribly excited.”

Then I got to wondering whether this accomplished producer would rather be in the studio or playing a party. Hex surprised me by replying, “By far I’d rather be the DJ at an amazing party. Let me tell you, producing tracks are no day at the beach. Would you rather be stuck in a cubicle with no windows for 12 hours day in and day out? Or would you rather play music for masses of partying people united under house music? … I’m not complaining about my day job, though.”

Curious to test Mr Hector’s Canadian knowledge, I questioned if he was aware that Deborah Cox is from Toronto. Again Hex was on the ball. He quickly jumped in with, “I did. And it shows. She is the sweetest and most humble singer that I’ve ever worked with. She’s a really good girl. Actually Deborah Cox was probably one of the only artists that did not complain about our House music lovin’ cat, Sponge…. It seems that most singers are allergic to cat hairs.”

Okay, now it was getting down to the crunch. I had to ask him about the divas he’s worked with. I really wanted to get some dirt out of him. On Donna Summer, Hex said, “I’ve never seen anyone put away the Diet Pepsis like Donna. She can also tear up mountains of chocolate chip cookies. The fact that she can do that and still look as great as she does amazes me. Working with Donna Summer was a dream come true. I could not believe that I was giving Donna Summer vocal directions. What a trip!”

For the grand finale, I had to ask about legendary gay diva and known trouble maker, Miss Whitney Houston. Hex replied, “Whitney is a complete bug out! I actually re-recorded the vocals for ‘I’ve Learned From The Best’ with her over the Internet. She was on tour in Germany at the time so it was impossible for her to come back to New York for the session. So we did it over the ‘net. It was like she was in the vocal booth but not. Isn’t technology something.”

I asked Hex Hector a whole bunch of fun questions that day, way too many to give you the complete low-down in this column, so I’ve posted the complete interview on my website at for all of you to enjoy.

Speaking of celebrities, there’s been an influx of them around town lately. It’s hard to even walk a couple blocks without tripping over some Hollywood glitterati. Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar has been seen just about everywhere with her new boytoy, Freddie Prinze Jr. During their stay, they stopped by the Pladium on John St for a night of video games and even had a run in with Toronto’s sharp tongued Pepsi.

While Pepsi was waiting to be seated at a popular downtown restaurant, she caught eye contact with Freddie and promptly questioned, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Realizing who the young star was before he could answer, she apologized and explained that she’d just figured it out. Freddie, being flattered that Miss Pepsi had recognized him said, “That’s okay.”

Pepsi, not being able to hold back replied, “I never said it was okay, I just said I realized who you were.” Apparently Sarah Michelle almost fell over laughing at Pepsi’s lunch hour antics.

Farrah Fawcett was also in town last week, probably shooting one of those touching movies of the week for CBS. She was spotted at King and Dufferin, which I will admit is a pretty good corner to be working, with all those fast food chains so close by. She also made a surprise appearance at a certain gay event promoter’s house party, but I swore I wouldn’t say a word.

Making the gay club circuit, whether they knew it or not, were Miss Tia Carrera of Relic Hunter, Titanic’s Billy Zane (with a gaggle of female super models), and, get this, stars of the World Wrestling Federation, all at Five Nightclub’s super trendy straight-ish Thursdays (5 St Joseph St). I have heard from a number of sources now that there is a very secretive homo underground operating in all those wrestling federations. I guess all the glitz and glamour (not to mention make-up, Spandex and getting to feel other guys up) has its effect on those hunky men. So don’t give up hope, your wildest dreams could come true…

Five’s popular seen and be seen, weekly party is called Electric Garage and is hosted by DJ Matt C and the super hunky Mike E. Anyways, with both the Toronto International Film Festival and the ever-growing Canadian Music Video Awards at Much, I’m sure everyone’s celebrity run-ins will multiply within the next few weeks.

While on the topic of awards, I have to mention that is up for best club/event website at the Cybersocket Magazine Web Awards in Las Vegas this January. The awards are for excellence in web design and content within the gay and lesbian community, worldwide.

Following the success of the super steamy and sold out Big Gay Boat Cruise with DJ Manny Lehman, the summer series continues with the CruiseLine LeatherBall Weekend Cruise on Sun, Aug 20. The last cruise of the summer will be the annual Summer’s End Ball at night on Sat, Sep 2 with DJ Billy Carroll from New York City. What a way to end the summer.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the annual LeatherBall on Sat, Aug 19 at the Warehouse (132 Queens Quay E). I have visions of last year’s little Teletubbie that just won’t leave my mind. I have heard that this year’s event has to be toned down due to legal reasons. I am excited to hear DJ Monty Q will play the ball, since I enjoy all of his Winter Party CDs from Centaur Music while I am in the car.

Oh yeah, and very last of all, I heard that someone stole hundreds of dollars worth of dresses from Bitch Diva while she was performing at Woody’s. I guess all those drinking outfits she wears really are from Yorkville. Who knew?

Anyways, I wouldn’t want to be the queen who’s going to show up wearing that dress – the Bitch Diva is a mad woman. She’ll rip that cross-dressing thief into pieces.

That’s all for now. See you on the dancefloor.