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Don’t let violence make you afraid to be who you are

I can't not say anything about the alleged hate crime that happened in the West End this weekend… so here's a special mid-day post:

I don't understand gay bashing. Why would an alpha male hetero waste his time chasing after gays? Shouldn't he be out having sex with women? Why invest the time targeting men when you should be hitting on girls and trying to get laid?

In today's Vancouver Sun, local activist lawyer barbara findlay said: while Saturday's incident
will make the community fearful and more "wary and careful," it will
not "make us become invisible."

If you haven't heard of any of this, link out to a collection of stories here.

There are already so many self-hating gays and lesbians in Vancouver. I've been interviewing men off Manhunt for a series of articles I've been writing on internet dating, most of whom believe that by blending in, society will accept queers and hate crimes will stop (is this an internet thing or now the norm for gays? I'm trying to find out…). I argue the opposite and will refer you to the words of Boy George. Celebrate your difference. Don't let incidents like this make you afraid to be who you are.