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Don’t mess with my man x 2

Why are Sean's blogs so damn short nowadays? Where's the pop? Where's the pizazz? What happened to putting the "sex" back in "sexy"? What happened to putting the "whore" in "Horlor"?

I'm glad you asked, UYA reader, because I tried to cram this into you know where…

…but it just didn't fit.

Listen, there are some big personal changes on the horizon for me and my friend Rob Easton. We're talking one of those diffinitive life moments. We're talking don't-fuck-this-shit-up-boys because big breaks can come once and once only. Between brokering this life-changer (more to come when it's signed, sealed and delivered), consulting, reporting, blogging, kicking my ass at the gym, some baaaaaaaaaad dates, that trip to Mexico, WinterPRIDE…well, I don't know up from up or, more recently, gay from straight, funny from sucky, life from living, etc etc…

So here's the deal. For the time being, short blogs are sexy blogs. You like them. You like them so much you could make sweet sultry love to them. Or if you're not that type, you could make jack-rabbity premature ejaculation love to them. You really could do either. Probably if you could do both if you put your mind to it. Really, you could. More importantly, how couldn't you?

(Where the fuck is this going?)

Today's blog: now, pretty much every gay I know right now is coupled. I'm not for the first time in forever (thank you, baby jesus!) and I'm getting to see a whole bunch of something that I was normally to busy HDDing in to notice.

Couples: most of you are jealous. And we all know that there is only one thing that jealous attracts and that one thing is crazy. 

So, in the spirit of crazy-jealous couples and in the spirit of crazy-jealous couples past (example: me at Nelly Furtado's last Vancouver concert in 2006), I offer you these early-2000 jealousy gems.

Let them trigger a public scream match on the street.

Let them be a glass of (cheap) red wine thrown in your face.

Let them be the straw that broke the crazy camel's back.


And to watch the glory that is the other "don't mess with my man", you'll have to click here because Zomba records still sucks  – yes, even after all these years.
Or you can listen to the audio track here: