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Don’t Quit Your Gay Job … and

You've heard me hinting about it on here over the past 12 months, but here I am finally going public: Don't Quit Your Gay Job.

  1. You follow that link.
  2. Click on the info section and read about our new TV show!!!
  3. Become a fan.
  4. Read the fan invites for upcoming events we'll be shooting in Vancouver.
  5. Come out to those events and support us so we can get that second season.
  6. Keep it sexy…or else.

If you followed this link, it was in me and my friend Rob Easton that you see at the top left corner of the page…and we will be hosting the shit of this show.

We will also be getting a little help from Vancouver's finest to learn their jobs. And this is all thanks to <drumroll>


Now I'd like to post a quick follow up on last weeks postings (which I thought to be hilarious, though others found questionable).

LA poet Steven Reigns writes me from time to time and last week, he sent the following link in response to last week's blog: I will be forever grateful for this and agree that it is the perfect companion piece to Don't believe me? Check this out:

Oh, Tree Boner…you make this family so happy. So very very happy.