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Don’t roll on, push in: the anal sex condom

With Bill Gates's recent foray into looking for ways to build a better condom, it looks like one company may be taking a novel approach to safer sexual practices.

Origami Condoms is looking to create a condom specifically designed for use in anal sex. In this case, it is the person on the receiving end who wears the condom.

As the NSFW video above demonstrates, the condom is inserted into the rectum, in a similar fashion as female condoms are used. One of the issues with regular condoms is that they can break more easily than during vaginal or oral intercourse, and durability, comfort and sensitivity all come into play. According to the website, the "insertive partner does not need to wear a condom, thus creating an experience closer to ‘sex without a condom.’" The condom is also made from silicone, rather than latex. The condom is scheduled to be available by 2015.

The company is also looking to fund its production through Indiegogo, starting tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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