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Don’t shoot the messenger

California punk band shoots porno on Westboro Baptist Church lawn

The Westboro Baptist Church has not had a good year.

First a satanic church performed a ritual over the grave of WBC founder Fred Phelps’s mother to posthumously turn her gay. Now they’re getting into the porn business. Well, at least their lawn is.

California punk band Get Shot! recently performed in Kansas City and Topeka, Kansas, and decided to take a detour to stop by the church. The band’s bisexual bass player, Laura Lush, pictured above on the far right, stripped down and shot a two-minute solo show with the church’s numerous hateful and homophobic signs in the background. The clip “WESTBORO BAPTIST FINGER BANG!!!” which, it goes without saying, is very not safe for work and can be seen on XVideos.

The band, inevitably, tweeted an announcement at the WBC: “@Fredphelps316 We filmed a porn on your front lawn yesterday. Can we get some of your surveillance footage? You may have got better angles,” among a number of other tweets aimed at various church members.

Phelps responded, “@GETSHOTGIRLS were you guys the shitty sex pistol wannabes giving each other hand jobs in the bushes? Wondered who that was."

Get Shot! replied, “@Fredphelps316  You are Sex Pistols fan?"