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I know you like me…I know you do…that's why whenever I blog online I'm all over you.

I know you want it…it's easy to see…and in the back of your mind you know I should be up your alley…


While looking for something delicious for tonight's post, I stumbled across this chestnut of yore. And then through my nefarious gay sources <cough…queer two cents> I discovered the following online interview with a lesser pussy…(significant pause)…cat doll.

Call me a misogynist. Honestly, my three sisters raised me to be the cattiest bitch around. Still, I read the Rod 2.0:Beta interview and thought about the questions I would've asked in his place.

Like: why did <pussycat doll #6> leave the "band"?

Why do you think Nicole's solo record failed?

What sort of expectations does that raise for your own solo effort?

When you were growing up, did you read Archie comics as a child?

When you grow up, will you still read Archie comics?

If yes, do you relate to Melody from "Josie and the Pussycats"?

And if yes to that as well, do you think that god and baby jesus are orchestrating some sort of cruel joke?

And if no to the Archie comics question, do you find it Alanis-Morissette-style ironic that your name is Melody and/or an act of aforementioned god and baby jesus that you are a part of a successful "musical" act?

Most importantly, do you think this:

Is a suitable feature for Bravo's new late night reality television feature Botox Gone Wild?


Seriously people. What sort of interview is this? I'm sorry, Rod 2.0…It's nothing personal. I know PR handlers are cruel taskmasters/mistresses…so cruel that they may have paid you for the following review:

Rod 2.0 Exclusive: Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls Talks Gays and Total "Doll Domination"


Okay, gays, admit it. Don't cha want a girlfriend whose hot like Melody Thornton?

The stunningly attractive biracial singer is the the second most
prominent vocalist of the Pussycat Dolls. Tuesday you can hear the
latest sound from Melody and the girls as they release Doll Domination, the follow-up to 2005's enormously successful PCD. The
sophomore album features some of the hottest producers in music such as
Timbaland and Sean Garrett. The album's first single, the Rodney
Jerkins-produced "When I Grow Up", is charting globally and reached No.
9 on the Billboard Hot 100 only four weeks after its debut.

The 24-year-old singer chatted with Rod 2.0 on total media and Doll Domination, producing the new album, her rumored solo effort and the gay fascination with the Pussycat Dolls.

ROD 2.0: Doll Domination is truly an appropriate title for
your new CD. In the past 24 hours I've seen the Dolls in the Bally's
commercial, on the covers of Maxim and Blender, and, received text messages about a video game.

MELODY THORNTON: Just wait because there's more
coming. We are taking over the world! That's exactly what we hope to
accomplish and that's why why the new CD is called Doll Domination. Wait—you said the Blender cover is already out? I haven't seen it.

Really? The cover photo of the Dolls in the white panties
will give the boys a heart attack. It's amazing that you're sex symbols
for the straight boys and icons for the gays.

I'm glad you brought that up because we love, love, love our gay
fans. Totally. You have no idea how much we value the support from the
gay community. Gays are probably our biggest supporters outside of
young girls. The Pussycat Dolls want to make music for everyone to
enjoy and we appreciate all of our fans. But there is a special pace in
our heart, in my heart especially, for gay men.

Did you have many gay friends growing up?

Yes, actually I did. I'm biracial, Mexican-American and African
American, and grew up in Arizona. In high school sometimes I didn't
feel like I fit in. It was amazing because all the gay guys welcomed me
with open arms and identified with me. We clicked because we're all
outsiders or are doing what people don't expect us to do or what people
don't want us to do. I have met some incredible gay men in drama
classes, music classes .. there is so much talent, passion and
creativity in the community. I love it.

What about the bond between the Pussycat Dolls and gay men?

Well, thankfully gay men love the music. "Don't Cha" has a serious hook to it and the club remixes were hot. Then there is the whole girl group glamor. But on another level you just get
us. You just understand the Pussycat Dolls. Sometimes critics and
people forget that we are in the entertainment industry and take the
outfits, lyrics and our persona too seriously. Not the gay fans. They
love us just the way we are and we love them the same way.


Let's talk music. On Doll Domination you work with one of my favorite producers, Timbaland. How fun was that?

Working with Timbaland was incredible. Timbaland executive produced
over half the album and did a great job. We were very lucky to benefit
from his talent. My favorite Timbaland track is called "Magic" and you
have to check it out. But there is so much talent on Doll Domination.
Of course there is Rodney Jerkins who produced "When I Grow Up." Missy
Elliot is featured on "Whatcha Think About Tha" which is produced by
Polow Da Don. Oh and Sean Garrett is just jamming on this album.

How would you describe Doll Domination?

Overall the new album is mature and more established. In the first
album we were a baby band. Now, we know what we are doing and have
graduated into a more mature sound. At the same time we want our
original PCD fans to appreciate the music and know where we
are coming from. There are a lot of uptempo tracks and midtempo
arrangements. There is something for everyone.

What about your solo album? Are you still working on that?

I am constantly working on music and new projects, but, any plans of
a solo album are on hold. My biggest priority right now is the Pussycat
Dolls and Doll Domination.
My talent, my voice, has improved so much since joining the group. I
came in as a singer but am now much more of an accomplished vocalist.
I'm doing more in the group and have been given a larger role. You can
hear me sing lead in one track in concert ["Fever"] and on the deluxe
CD. But right now I want to take this opportunity to build my skills
and talent and tour with the Pussycat Dolls. When there is a solo
album, trust me, I want it to be all that.

Last thoughts from the Baby Doll?

I just want to thank you again for talking to me. I love all of our
fans and our gay fans have been so supportive. Let me thank our gay
fans and especially the men reading your blog. Gay men who are Latino
or African-American … I'm so glad there is a place they can go, a
blog they can read, and, are listening to em. I love you. Muah!

Doll Domination (A&M) is out Sep. 23