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Doo’s and don’ts

DJ Dickey Doo brings 'hipknowpop' to the masses

Credit: Nicholas Jang

Dickey Doo is one of Vancouver’s most treasured DeeJays and has been so for more than a decade. Over the past few years, he has also become a noted actor, producer and sex symbol, proving there is no limit to creative outlets. He is currently releasing his first independent full-length album and kicking off a 12-city North American tour to go with it. I sat down with my buddy to give you Xtra West readers the first interview exploiting his bursting career.

Michael Venus: So Dick Smack, fill us in on your wonderful CD.

Dickey Doo: Well, it’s my first album of original material and I think it will be a big surprise for everyone musically. It was recorded locally at Dubvibe studios, where Sweatshop Union, Kyprios and some other hot, local up-‘n-comers have been recording. Basically it’s a fusion of my very eclectic influences (house/hip hop/r&b/punk and pop). It features a lot of very cool musicians from all over the continent, such as New York City’s Candis Cayne, Lady Precise (aka Jenni Craige of StinkMitt), and actress/model/musician Mikela J Mikael.

I also make my singing debut on a few cutz, as well as write and produce the entire album. The album is called Nocturnal Adventures and it’s supa fresh, nu school “hipknowpop”! Hello, it’s like a modern-day Deee-Lite album!

I am so over albums being all one style of music, hip-hop, r&b, etc. Let’s mix it up a little. Kids are becoming one-band zombies. It’s like, there are more types of music than the crap you are being brainwashed to like by the radio and music television stations that one corporate company owns and pushes on everyone!

[Nocturnal Adventures] is currently in limited release and will be available in DJ-driven music shops all across North America. So go buy it now!

MV: So tell us all about your tour and some of the glamourous people you’ve met and performed with.

DD: So far, I have done one of three phases, since I had to split it up due to my new residency at Celebrities. I just did Parking and Circus in Montreal, which were both phenomenal big clubs. NYC was the superstar trip. I did Plaid, which is where Courtney Love just had her most recent arrest performing the mic-stand incident. It’s one of NYC’s hottest clubs. And I did Buckingham, where Vanity Fair fierceness RuPaul performed alongside moi. Jocelyn Wildenstien (the cat woman socialite) was there, along with Boy George and the rest of the fiercest New York night creatures! Everyone loved me and my set. We did the big blow-up CD release partay.

I also did a very cute li’l place owned by Mistress Formika called Boysroom, where Candis performed her song off my CD called, “My Heart Belongs 2 Data.” Sooo fierce! Anyway, everyone was very happy and I have now residencies at all four places every three months. I feel like I am on cloud nine!

I will be doing Toronto and Chicago at the end of August, and LA and San Francisco the first week of September, and [I played] Seattle at the Cuff on Aug 21, which is another tri-monthly residency I got goin’ on-Hellooo!

MV: Now let’s get to the big Vancouver CD release party!

DD: Well, we are saving the best for last: Saturday of Labour Day weekend at Celebrities, of course! I am doing this one with a live band and featuring many of the performers off the CD. I am really into the live band thang. For CD number two, it’s gonna be a lot more punky and the next tour will be with a band, like a four-piece, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, etc. Like all those wicked ’80s new wave bands-more raw, more live, more fun! I am really getting so bored with people like Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx touring around like two DJs and their records. It’s time for the return of the rock show, a spectacle. And, no, it won’t sound just like the video and, no, we will be performing live-unlike clowns like Britney Spears, who is so blatantly lip synching but is trying her hardest to dance like Janet! Let’s get real again, kids.

MV: Celebrities, thank the Goddess, has reopened! It’s brought new life back to our Fab Town. You are there again, too. Tell us about that and your history with the club.

DD: Well, it is a gift from the universe, which I really didn’t think would ever happen! And here we are. I spent seven years there in the ’90s (I started when I was 14, can you believe it?). Anyhow, Vancouver has often been the [butt] of jokes over its lack of club scene. Hopefully we will change all that. The club is forward in its programming. We are not succumbing to the usual stereotypes, and it’s so fresh! Like any big real city-who knew?

MV: You have also had tons of other projects and recent radio and television appearances, now didn’t you, misty Doo?

DD: Thankfully, yes! I just had my first major label remix released by Warner Bros. It’s a remix of R.E.M.’s “Animal.” It’s the first time the band has had an official remix and they chose moi, cuz we’re friends and cuz they respect my talents! It’s hot and should be entering Billboard’s clubplay chart any week now!

I recently did a national CBC Radio Three [show] that was very funny, and I just did a Pride special on The Beat’s old school lunch hour, which I will be doing more frequently. MTV and MuchMusic have given me a lot of support and will be playing my first single/video from the CD, “Backroom (Bouncin in Da).” It’s a cute, very mainstream r&b diddy, and is sure to be a big top 40 hit with club mixes coming from NYC’s legendary smash hunter!

MV: Like I mentioned earlier, you have become quite the sex symbol with a real sexual drive. What’s all that about, Mary?

DD: Well, I have always been a serial monogamist, mostly due to my own stupidity. [Laughs.] Lately, I have been a magnet for hotties and I am definitely stayin’ single and dating up a storm! I am quite happy dating and meeting many cute boys. I am not really sexually driven, although I am a Scorpio and when I’m hot, I am HOT!

But I am definitely over being hot for one person at a time. There are too many cute, nice guys that I have spent time with to limit myself to one. Plus all my friends would kill me if I jump into another meant-for-disaster relationship like I tend to do! Hey, I’ve learned from my mistakes!

Also, my career these days leaves me little time even for me, so I can’t add having to make time to put into a full-time relationship, which is very, very time absorbing. I am very happy dating, I’ve met some real sweeties lately and that’s enough for me!

MV: Any other tidbits?

DD: Well, do unto others what you want done to yourself, don’t bitch, actions speak louder than words, love your friends, don’t lie, don’t steal, backstab or be insecure, work very hard and you’ll get what you want, don’t take no for an answer, don’t take crap, face your problems, be proud, be yourself, love to love and everything’s ok in moderation! Oh and by the way, I love receiving flowers and 69-ing!

Kisses-now go buy the CD!

* DJ Dickey Doo’s new CD, Nocturnal Adventures, is available at Obstruction (1112 Davie St/1248 Robson St), Active Pass Records (324 W Hastings St), and fine music retailers everywhere. For more info visit