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Doppelgangers, Moroccan teens and gay liberation

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What ever happened to gay liberation?

Back before marriage was the supreme issue of the gay movement, queer culture was a subversive force for sexual reform, writes Paul Gallant at The Walrus. Did the gay movement go wrong when it sold the sexual revolution for a wedding ring?


Moroccan girls acquitted on kissing charges

Two teenage girls have avoided jail time after they were caught kissing in Morocco, where homosexuality is illegal. The two girls were turned in to police by one of their mothers.

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Malta bans conversion therapy

The tiny island nation of Malta has become the first in Europe to ban conversion therapy. Despite being a highly religious Catholic country, Malta has led Europe on progressive LGBT laws and policy.

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The Mike Pence doppelganger in hot pants

Gay New Yorker Glen Pannell has a remarkable gift — he looks uncannily like Vice President Elect Mike Pence. He’s using that gift to collect money for organizations his arch-conservative lookalike would certainly not approve of.

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Pope reiterates ban on gay priests

Pope Francis has clarified in a new policy document that gay people, or those who support “gay culture”, are still unwelcome in the priesthood. Some had hoped Francis might soften on gay priests after his conciliatory comments about gay Christians.

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