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Doreen Fillmore? Where are you?

***First some housekeeping: I am part of a Movember fundraising team, and you can help us raise funds for prostate cancer research by clicking here. No amount of charity is too small. Think about it. And thank you in advance for your support***

In other news, have you seen this woman?

Doreen Fillmore, where are you? 

This past Saturday, the Fillmore Family Foundation held another installment of its legendary Prairie Fowl Suppers. Linda Fillmore (all that sexy in the right of the above photo) once again hosted the event and showed the capacity crowd what a true emcee can do when the stars align and hundreds of Vancouverites come out to support a great cause. I’m going to dedicate my Cocked & Loaded print column in the next issue of Xtra Vancouver to the event, so check the streets Nov 17 for that.

But in the meantime, with the help of Anne Murray, I’ve put a call out to the Miami Police Department:

My guess is that Doreen has pulled a Golden Girls and is lounging around in a caftan down south. Goddamn her straight to sexy hell.

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