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Double trouble

Two bathhouses open up to women on same night

Weeks and months can go by in this city without a place for women to play, but on Thu, Jun 15 frisky females will have a choice of two bathhouses where they can frolic.

The Pussy Palace crew will be taking over Club Toronto for its sixth annual pre-Pride party for women and trans people, titled Pussies In Heat.

Just around the corner from Club Toronto, Spa Excess will also be opening its doors to women, though not the doors to the private rooms. The coed bathhouse party will offer a mixed gender lounge space featuring performances by Kids On TV, and separate sexual spaces for men and women.

“The downstairs will have lockers that the women can rent and it can turn into a little orgy,” says co-owner Peter Bochove. “We’ll have fun spaces set up for them as well. It’s as close to a lesbian party as we’ll be having here.”

This is the second year that women have been allowed into Spa Excess for a Kids On TV party; last year they were restricted to the lounge.

“A lot of women were topless at the bar…. Last year it went extremely well,” says Bochove.

Since then, the basement of Spa Excess has been renovated to include lockers, a massage room, showers and a gym, which will be emptied for the party to allow women more space for sex. The downstairs space has been open to patrons for about six weeks.

“The women’s play space will be open throughout the concert. Men will go up, women will go down. We don’t do lesbian nights because we’re always very busy. We won’t be turning our regular customers away. When we have an opportunity to do something for the lesbians we take it.”

Both Bochove and Women’s Bathhouse Committee member Carlyle Jansen says it’s an unfortunate coincidence that both events fell on the same night. Bochove says he inquired about the date of the Pride Pussy Palace event before he firmed up the Spa Excess event with Kids On TV, but at that time the Women’s Bathhouse Committee hadn’t settled on a date.

“We heard about [the Spa Excess event] after they already set the date,” says Jansen. “We didn’t realize there’d be any opportunities to do stuff.”

But she adds that Pussy Palace offers women and trans folk a lot that Spa Excess doesn’t, in addition to access to private rooms.

“Ours will have services such as erotic massage, G-spot play, a butt play room, a temple priestess, lap dancing, volunteers in all those rooms except the sling room, plus a pool and sauna.”

What with the coed bath-house occurring the eve of the Ninth International Conference On Bisexuality, organizing chair Dana Shaw asks why the coed bathhouse isn’t offering a mixed gender space for sex.

“What happens if a man and a women who are a couple come in and they want to share space? Where do they draw the line on them touching each other?” asks Shaw. “The question becomes, if both men and women are permitted and a bisexual-identified couple comes in feeling they belong in queer space then does that mean they’re not welcome?”