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Pacific Theatre is running Doubt until March 31. Their website says:

"A progressive priest locks horns with Sister Aloysius, an orthodox nun who guards the young students in her care as fiercely as she upholds order, tradition, and discipline. When a new teacher suspects Father Flynn of paying too much attention to one of her students, Sister Aloysius launches a crusade to expose the truth at any cost. A tightly woven mystery, this Pulitzer Prize winner is an eloquent, provocative investigation of elusive truth and terrible consequence."

I performed this play off-off-Broadway in New York City, and so for that reason, and because of my Catholic upbringing, it’s one of my favourite pieces. John Patrick Shanley is a divine playwright, and the story of secrecy and sexual abuse in the Catholic church is as relevant today as in the play’s 1964 time period. To catch the show before it closes, purchase tickets here

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