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Quick questions with Loree Erickson

Capital Xtra: As a child, what did you do for fun?
Loree Erickson: I played games with my friends, I watched movies with songs and I played with the box of kittens. I lived on a farm, and there was always a box of kittens on our front porch.

CX: I know the answer to this, because I helped with your care shift this morning — but what colour is your underwear?
(In unison) None!

CX: What is the last sex toy you picked up?

LE: I bought a slapper paddle with a heart on it. It?s black and red.

CX: Leather: yes or no?

LE: Pleather! I?m a vegetarian.

CX: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

LE: Being with my friends and lovers. I will be just about to — or have just had — really good sex and it will be a sunny day near water. Oh, and my cat Clancey will be there of course.

CX: What?s your best dirty little secret?

LE: Secret? I have no secrets! But I like public sex, very much. I?m an exhibitionist. I was having sex in the backyard the other day and my neighbour came home. We were literally like deer caught in the headlights!

CX: What?s the hottest scene in your next porn?

LE: Um, a threesome between?well maybe I want to keep that a secret.

CX: What place in the world do you most want to visit?

LE: London. My boyfriend and my loverly lover friend are living there.

CX: What?s your favorite colour?

LE: Pink!

CX: What is your best attribute?

LE: A doctor once told me I was socially gifted. That people with my condition tend to be. I thought that was pretty funny. But I do think I’m pretty good with people.

CX: What is your worst attribute?

LE: I?m stubborn. Sometimes that is a good thing — you know when you are not willing to put up with discrimination — but sometimes it can be a bad thing.

CX: What was the last thing that made you cry?

LE: [Laughing] As cheesy as it is, I was watching a documentary about a lion. It made me miss my cat while I was away [in Victoria].

CX: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

LE: I do secretly like the mall, even though I hate capitalism. It?s also an accessibility issue. The malls get that. It?s a lot more accessible than Queen St.

CX: I also know the answer to this because I saw the metal rings suspended from your bedroom walls and ceiling, but humour me. Bondage: yes or no?

LE: Yes please!

CX: I notice you have tattoos, including one on your upper thigh that reads ?as is.? Do you want another one?

LE: I have three right now, but I want one of my cat Clancey?s pink paws on my lap. So he?s always sitting on my lap.