Same-sex marriage
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Down on one knee

After the California Supreme Court voted yesterday to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage, police in San Francisco arrested 175 people for disrupting daily society.  The police were relieved, however, that the protesters didn't also marry each other, as that would have completely destroyed society!

There were protests all over America but here in Vancouver and Toronto as well:

Yes, the court ruling is depressing but the fact that California now has 18,000 married gay couples living alongside hundreds of thousands more who can't plainly shows everyone how ridiculous and untenable this ban is.  US President Matt Coles stepped forward to address the nation on the need for equal marriage:

What's that?  Coles isn't the US president?  Barack Obama is?  Oh, well what did he say?

Oh Obama, the silence — it burns, it burns!  Fortunately, queer people have always been good at taking matters into our own hands, so the campaign for a new vote has already begun:

What kills me about this whole debate is its astonishing one-sidedness:  the anti-gay-marriage argument is based on fear, abstract notions of "the family" and contradictory religious texts, while the pro-gay-marriage argument is based on fairness, everyday practicality and love. I can't see how anyone could argue the logic and fair play in this New York ad:

And, of course, we've got pop culture firmly on our side — there's the flamboyant 'American Idol' singer, a kinda-creepy Indian Microsoft commerical and even ordinary shows remixed to be more gay on YouTube. The gays are everywhere and who could hate same-sex marriage after watching Kevin propose on 'Brothers & Sisters'?

And all this talk about gay marriage distracts us from talking about the real questions:

Does the Ontario government need to give $23 million to the studio making Elton John's movie when he's probably got that much behind one of his sofa cushions?

Is there really a Catholic archbishop willing to stand up to the Vatican??

And what the hell is this thing???