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Downton Abbey’s Rob James-Collier: It’s ‘easier’ to kiss a man than a woman

Rob James-Collier plays Downton Abbey ’s Thomas Barrow, the irresistibly wicked gay underbutler who always has a clandestine scheme at play and who in Season 3 was almost fired from his position at Downton after getting caught sneaking into another male servant’s bedroom at night and trying to get it on.

That man-on-man kiss, unfortunately, didn’t happen, but Thomas has gotten plenty of other action on Julian Fellowes’s hit English period drama.

In a new interview with Jonathan Ross, the actor and former model has revealed why kissing a man is easier (and hotter, right Rob?) than kissing a woman:

"I found it easier,” James-Collier said. “The way I was thinking was that if you kiss a girl you worry about: 1) How big her boyfriend is; 2) Is he in the building watching and is he going to kick the shit out of you?; and 3) What is my missus going to think of it? So we went to the BFI for a big unveiling on the cinema screen, and the missus knew it (the kiss) was coming, and we were all sitting watching it and I thought ‘Nice one, she can’t accuse me of anything’, and the missus turned to me and said ‘You’ve never kissed me like that’."