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Drag queens descend on Toronto City Hall

Invitations distributed to city councillors for Proud of Toronto event

Some of the gaybourhood’s most fabulous performers brought some sparkle and glamour to city hall on April 12.

Drag artists Amber Ellert, Stephanie Stephens (Tina Turner) and Michelle DuBarry, who will soon celebrate her 80th birthday, spent the afternoon inviting councillors to an event in the rotunda on May 16 at 5 pm. Mayor Rob Ford was tied up “in a meeting” and could not receive his invitation in person. Hundreds are expected to attend. The event marks International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

“Tell the mayor Tina Turner is here,” Stephens says cheekily. He may have been a no-show, but one witness says the group missed Ford “by minutes.”

Most councillors graciously accepted the invitations, posed for photos and promised to attend. Councillor James Pasternak, on the other hand, called security.

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