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Craig-o-sphere erupted with queer infighting this weekend. Starting
Saturday, post-Faggity Ass Friday my
Facebook was peppered with comments after a post from Craigslist's
Missed Connections.

all started with an anonymous posting kinda dissing the FAF, kinda
making it sound like the village is better… (I might be wrong, i
find queer ramblings confusing.) Here's a sample:

the dance floor, one could not help but contemplate the ridiculous
nature of the venue and those who frequent it. The V-Neck wearing,
black rimmed glasses donning, body dysmorphic disordered, queers
bumped and grind feigning their superiority.

Among the poster's
crits against the FAF were:

  • lack
    of wheelchair access (The Playhouse venue IS non-accessible, steps

  • crowdedness
    and sweatiness of venue (it's true but that's kinda what you sign up
    for when you hit up a FAF) and;

  • “feigned
    superiority” of attendees (hmm. No comment. Plus I think most humans have incredibly low self-esteem)

then a shit storm brew. Man, it really is autumn and we queers be
BORED. Bored enough to follow this online soap opera (guilty!)

were started for a niche group as an antidote to the Village bars
where they didn't feel welcome. Students and recent grads with too
much money in their pockets, who wanted a co-ed dance venue that
wouldn't throw them out for fucking in the bathrooms or holding hands
in the corner table. If that isn't your scene, then throw your own

best part was this little gem of constructive crit on the queer scene in the city (drama queers take

like to see a dance party that didn't start at midnight on a Thursday
(ie: Mystique and Il Motore), a sex-ed fundraiser that my kid brother
could attend (ie: without the word 'cum' on every ad and banner),
without Meow Mix's steep $10 ticket price. If radical queer events
want to expand beyond their niche, they should take a lesson from
Vancouver's BENT, which has day care for parents and wheel
chair/stroller access. Or, they could translate their posters. Not
everyone speaks English here.

I think, well,  I think ALL sides have vitriol and all make valid points. Firstly, the FAF parties are not completely inclusive. I've heard a bunch of people say they don't fit in there because of X reason (body issues, ability issues, age issues, etc). Second, if this turned into a shitstorm, then OBVS the poster touched on a touchy subject: could there be some truth to their rant? It sounds like the poster really wants to fit in, or at least have a fucking good FAF-ing time. But the passive-aggressive nature of the rant kinda puts sticks in that wheel. Point is, there needs to be more queer venues, more queer crowds and more parties. What the FAF is wrong with that?

When do we stop talking and start fucking? Let Lindsay Lohan show us the light!




Original post (who wrote this? Let's talk, i have vitriol too)
reply 1 (i know who posted this)
reply 2 (don't know the poster)
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