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With sex appeal

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Prey For Rock And Roll is plenty naughty and just enough nice. Thanks to this new indie film, Gina Gershon will be on many X-mas wish lists this year.

A grungy trip into the heart of LA’s indie rock scene, Prey For Rock And Roll is loosely based on writer Cheri Lovedog’s life and it is a solid first effort from director Alex Steyermark. Decorated with tattoos, beer bottles and hot girl action, the film is dripping with sex appeal – so is its cast.

Gina Gershon roars as Jackie, a fierce Joan Jett-esque ageing musician losing faith in her dreams of stardom. Drea de Matteo (Adriana on The Sopranos) brilliantly portrays the trust-fund addict and bassist, and Ivan Martin excels a little too well as her creepy boyfriend Nick.

Prey For Rock And Roll is a film about the breaking point in Jackie’s music career in all its devastating reality and subtle glory. The violence, although disturbing, is depicted with restraint. Despite some of the heavier plot turns it was good to see the women remain empowered and believable throughout, even in the scene when Jackie gets Hothead Paisan-style revenge with her tattoo gun.

Initially Jackie’s inner monologue was a bit excessive for my taste, but as the movie progresses it eases up and becomes an amusing reflection of how her life unfolds like a bad joke: “Okay. Two dykes, a wannabe rock star and a tequila guzzling speed freak walk into a restaurant….” Overall the dialogue in this movie is smart, punctuated with sharp, sarcastic and quotable one-liners.

Lori Petty is charming as Faith, a guitar wielding, devoted girlfriend to drummer Sally, played impressively by Shelly Cole (Gilmore Girls). Marc Blucas (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) rounds out the cast as Animal, the lovable ex-con.

Prey’s aesthetic is reminiscent of the gritty beauty of High Art and its attitude is all rock and roll. Although Gina could carry this flick on her smirk alone, music is very much her co-star (she did her own singing). So if you can’t stand sexy rock chicks that play three chords and scream, don’t go see this movie. If you are an indie film-loving queer grrrl, Prey For Rock And Roll is like a worn-in L7 T-shirt tailor made for you.

* Prey For Rock And Roll screens on Tue, Dec 9 at the Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor St W) in a fundraiser for the Inside Out film fest. Local punkers Scandalnavia do a short set, first. Doors open at 9pm, with the band going on at 9:15pm; the film starts at 9:30pm. Tix are $12; call (416) 977-6847. This is your only chance to see the flick in the theatres since it never got a Canadian distributor – go figure.