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Drug bust on Atlantis’s 20th anniversary cruise

As reported by Queerty, I'm sure this headline comes as a SHOCKER to you all. A small-time dealer was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs to passengers aboard the Allure of the Seas. At the time of his arrest, a small stash of ecstasy, Special K and meth was allegedly found in his room. Sure, the $51K that was also found may sound like a lot of money, but there were 5,400 homos on board. You do the math.

Not familiar with Atlantis Cruises? This might help:

What… a promotional video? If you're planning on attending one of these cruises, I've drafted up a packing list for you.

Make sure to bring

  • sunglasses
  • a healthy appreciation of circuit music
  • a Speedo
  • all your white friends 

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