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Pleasuring techniques at The Gentlemen’s Expo

UFC hunk Georges St-Pierre. Credit: Credit

Sexuality counsellor Dr Jessica O’Reilly doesn’t like to leave anyone out when explaining her pleasuring techniques.

“For people who have sex with vulvas [and] vaginas, they’ll likely take note of the ‘W’ and ‘cross my fingers’ [sex] techniques,” she says about what her audience can expect to learn from her talk at this year’s Gentlemen’s Expo. She’s just one of several speakers LGBT people may be interested in checking out at the show. “For people who have sex with penises, they won’t be able to forget ‘the claudia’ technique. They’ll also learn some practical dirty-talk lines that they can use regardless of their sexual style.” She promises to teach seduction techniques, to increase your sexual success rate.

Of course, The Gentlemen’s Expo is not just about improving your life in the boudoir, and it’s not, strictly speaking, just for men, though it does target heavily those interested in beer, spirits, tech, sports, gaming, entrepreneurship, the culinary arts, cars, grooming, men’s fashion and, yes, working out. For those getting ready for that beach vacation (or, let’s be honest, counting down to Pride), 23-year NHL veteran Gary Roberts will be there offering high-performance training and nutrition tips, along with health-and-wellness chef Andrew Muto. For pure voyeurism . . . I mean inspiration, mixed martial artist and UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre will be answering questions and signing autographs, and for advice on how to be a proper man-about-town, there’s Dude Living Refined with Damon Snider.

Much of the show’s programming “offers a universal appeal,” O’Reilly says, and while she recognizes that many attendees will identify as straight, “I switch back and forth between pronouns — he, she, they — to try to be as inclusive (and ambiguous) as possible.” And she’ll be focusing on “sex and relationships for everyone,” especially how to keep the fires burning by “making the most of your fights” and improving “your bedroom finesse.”