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Dyke March AGM postponed

The president of the Vancouver Dyke March society cites timing and the need for new board members as primary reasons prompting the last-minute postponement of its annual general meeting (AGM) last month.

“We wanted to make sure that it got out to a lot of people,” says Michelle Walker because “we’re looking for board members.”

There are currently only four active directors on the Dyke March society’s board, down from eight in 2005.

Walker says being on the board is a big commitment, and previous directors left for a variety of personal reasons.

She hopes holding the meeting in mid-April will give the society more time to publicize its AGM and attract new members, directors and volunteers.

The society had planned to hold its AGM Mar 30 and publicly advertised that date, but delayed it at the last minute. The AGM is now scheduled for Apr 20.

Dyke March vice-president Sam Levy encourages “anybody who’s interested in understanding where we’re at, anybody who’s interested in potentially joining the board itself and contributing” to attend the AGM.

With the event season just beginning, Levy says new volunteers are “more than welcome.”

“I don’t believe we have any challenges specifically because we are the organization that we are, being a dyke march,” she told Xtra West last month. “I think the challenges are just inherent in getting people involved and getting people who want to commit their time and energy. It’s undeniable there’s a sense of apathy with folks within many communities — not unique to our own — about running these kinds of things.”

Levy says she’s using the extra time to document the society’s plans and to bring the most up-to-date information to the table. “We wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row to ensure that we could conduct the AGM in the best way possible,” she says.

The Dyke March society’s AGM will now take place Apr 20 at noon in the Mosaic Community Room at 1270 Grant St.