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Dykes in the kitchen

The wonder of Hannah Hart’s delicious YouTube success

Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen is a YouTube series in which she tries to make something edible for the benefit of viewers while getting plastered.

Hannah Hart

ID: Hannah “Harto” Hart, 27.

The story: At one point during a video chat with her BFF, Hannah Hart, a nine-to-five translator and proofer with a degree in Japanese, grabbed a bottle of wine and got herself cooking. She posted the video on YouTube, and the view counts went ballistic in no time. She made some other cooking-while-drinking videos, and Drunk Kitchen was born, a YouTube series in which she tries to make something edible for the benefit of the viewers while getting plastered.

Fast forward to today: A massive army of Hartosexuals of all genders; drunk cooking videos with views reaching seven digits; and a first book, My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going with Your Gut will be released in August by HarperCollins. A couple of years ago, she moved from the Bay area to Brooklyn so she could build up a career in comedy. She still can’t cook.

In her own words: “For the most part, interviewers totally ignore the gay thing. And I don’t know if it’s just because they don’t know, or if it’s just not relevant to them. I get more ‘woman’ stuff than gay stuff. They’re like, ‘Who do you want to be, Hannah? Tina Fey, right?’ And I’m like, no, I want to be Joel McHale. I want to be Jon Stewart; that’s who I want to be. The comparison is just because Tina Fey’s a woman. But she’s a sitcom writer; she’s an SNL writer. I don’t want to be a sitcom writer. I want to be an active host, participant and performer.”

Also: “I’m not really that cool. I’m just being candid. A lot of the queer community [in college] was like, ‘You have to be super vegan and have lots of piercings and give lots of fucks about everything!’ And I just wanted to be like, Oh my god you guys, did you see 40 Year Old Virgin? That shit was hilariousss.” [, Aug 29, 2011]

Other claims to fame: Plaid shirts — she has a collection. But also, looking spectacularly dashing in formalwear. #Tunesday. #HaveAHartDay. And in case you missed it, she speaks Japanese.

Check this out: DK’s quesadillas, poutine, raw vegan cheesecake.