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E-books: great for gods and wads

I do not like e-books. At all. There’s just something weirdly Zen and calming about feeling paper, turning pages and the new-book smell. Oh my god, there’s nothing better than the new-book smell.

But unfortunately, people just fucking love e-books. Mostly because it turns out, you can pile a shitload of porn onto those things and no one will ever know. Studies are beginning to show that since e-books can effectively hide what you’re really reading, erotica sales have soared over the past few years, alongside Christian fiction. I’m sure those two figures have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

The no-judgment realm of e-commerce has propelled sales of adult fiction upwards in the last few years, which is funny considering that it’s doing the exact same thing (and for pretty much the same reasons) to Christian fiction. According to data from the American Association of Publishers, sales of religious fiction have increased by 7 percent up to $1.45 billion largely on the strength of e-books, which allow closet readers of Judith and Holoferenes fan fiction to clandestinely purchase biblical fiction quartets without suffering the scowls of other book-buyers. (via Jezebel)

All right, so we know erotica and Christian fiction are big sellers, but what would happen if someone wrote Christian erotica? I don’t know about you, but I need to go find me some Adderall so I can write Fuck Me, Sexy Jesus. 

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