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Eagles fans, Coca-Cola and Costa Rica

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Coca-Cola’s ad, which aired for the Super Bowl on Feb 4, 2018, used gender-neutral pronouns. Credit: Screengrab via Coca-Cola/YouTube

Conservative leads marriage-focused election in Costa Rica

Evangelical Christian singer and journalist Fabricio Alvarado is leading in the first round of presidential elections in Costa Rica. Alvarado was a long-shot candidate until a surprise court ruling on same-sex marriage propelled him into the spotlight. [New York Times]

Indonesian police to investigate assault on trans women

After a group of police officers in conservative Aceh province forcibly cut the hair of a group of transgender beauticians, the police force says it is investigating the officers’ conduct. [Channel News]

Eagles fans accidentally end up in Eagle bar

Enthusiastic Philadelphia Eagles fans in Minneapolis thought they had found a watering hole for fellow fans when they stumbled into a bar with a name that included “Eagle” in it. They were wrong. [Outsports]

Romanian protesters interrupt LGBT movie screening

Orthodox Christian protesters in Romania marched into a movie theatre on Sunday, disrupting a showing of the French film BPM (Beats Per Minute), about the AIDS epidemic. The incident is part of a growing anti-gay movement in the country. [Balkan Insight]

Super Bowl Coke ad features gender-neutral pronoun

A Super Bowl ad from Coca-Cola evoked applause and ruffled feathers by using a gender neutral pronoun.