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Eastside update: Homecoming King, the Pride Ball, Queer Bash: Pride Farewell

The Eastside is bringing it this Pride, and there's a little bit of something for everyone. Here's the to-do:

Homecoming King

Have you seen Dave Deveau and James Coomber's musical yet? It's finishing its run at The Cultch with three more shows:

July 28 – 7pm

July 29 – 9:15pm

July 31 – 8:30pm 

Here's the official rundown: 

What do you do when life is going perfectly? You screw it up. Daniel is a successful businessman. And he’s married to Evelyn. They’re in love. And life continues on, as it has a tendency of doing. But 10 years later, when Daniel meets Linda, he has to make a choice. Or does he? Can a man navigate two wives and two lives? A musical with grit.

You don't want to miss this one. Trust!

The Pride Ball

The most glamourous night of Pride is tonight at The Cobalt (917 Main St). Come let me judge you! I live for this shitz. Here's the official word:

Pride Ball kicks off tonight at The Cobalt to launch our weekend of gayhem (that's gay mayhem)….

Doors open at 8 for the most fabulous night in town featuring:
-SEVEN amazing celebrity judges
-SIX categories to walk in (and trophies to win!)
-FIVE gorgeous drag queens
-FOUR performances
-THREE AM serving time
-TWO tragically fabulous co-hostesses


Queer Bash: Pride Farewell

Finish off Pride weekend with Queer Bash! Send Blitz & Shitz an obituary for the last. QB. Ever. And win TWO free tickets, valued at $40. The giveaway is tomorrow and it's super easy to win. Write me a couple lines about Queer Bash (what you love, what you're going to miss, best memory, etc), send them to, and the tickets may be yours!

Happy Pride, everyone! 

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