Toronto Diary
1 min

Eat, Spray, Shart

I will never understand the free market’s compulsive need to sell women products based on weird bathroom needs that no woman actually has. I mean really, do women really need a cup that goes on their Virginia Woolfs so that they can pee standing up? God, I hope not.

Anyway, now there’s You Go Girl! That wasn’t a sentence fragment; it is literally called You Go Girl! And all it does is make your toilet foam so that it… Well, honestly, I’m not really sure. They’re pretty vague about the whole thing in the commercial, which is weird because you’d figure a product based on lady bee-ems could at least be open and honest about how ladies have bee-ems. Well, whatever. All I know is it’s called You Go Girl!, it has something to do with girl shit, and I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t an SNL parody.

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